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Randy Pryor
Randy Pryor
Randy Pryor
Randy Pryor


Randy Pryor has been performing magic professionally since 2004. He has always said he was “Born into magic” since his father was a professional magician and his mother was a clown.  Randy has performed magic all over the Midwest and internationally with card tricks and stage performances. He has won several awards, talent competitions, and most importantly the hearts of many with his skilled manipulation of cards, rope, coins, and even borrowed items! Randy enjoys interacting with your guests while presenting magic with excitement, passion, and lots of laughter. 

Stand Up Magic

This is Randy’s one-man comedy magic show. It fits just about every situation and is perfect for audiences of 25-2,500. This fast-paced show uniquely combines hilarious comedy with astounding magic in a very unforgettable way. This is definitely NOT the same old stuff you’ve seen before!

If you want to make your next event something to remember, you can count on your people loving the interactive comedy and magic of Randy Pryor. With his charming charismatic approach, Randy has the unique ability to connect with any type of audience. More importantly, his corporate friendly program will make YOU (the event planner) look like a winner for pleasing everybody in your group.


Close Up Magic

At your event Randy will mingle among your guests presenting magic effects that are unlike anything you have ever seen before. This is perfect for any type of event where the entertainment should not distract from the main event. Randy will delight your guests with his charming personality without disrupting private conversations or other activities.


This enchanting, fun, and intimate form of entertainment is perfect for holiday parties, cocktail parties, hospitality suites, corporate socials, or as before or after dinner entertainment. This is magic in its most intimate form and will leave the lasting impression.​ As an event planner, you will be delighted when you hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with their very own high-energy ‘mini show’. 



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